Tuesday, January 10, 2023




LOST & FOUND: See the box by Mrs. Larson’s room


Inspiration for 2023: “Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”


Announcements for Everyone

  • Score one for the Steele County Food Pantry!  For this Thursday’s Boys Basketball game in Finley vs Maple River, fans who bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry will receive a free bag of popcorn. It’s a win-win!



Announcements for Elementary:

  • Students in Grades 3-6: Get a team together & sign up for the Winter Jam 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Central Valley on Sunday, February 19th.  The registration form is here.



Announcements for High School:

  • Seniors, it is that time of year…please be watching your email for information on local scholarships and take note of their deadlines.  Paper copies can be picked up in the office; others will be sent with links in your email.  If you have questions, see Mr. Race, Mr. Larson, or Kelsey.




Tuesday, 1/10:

Wrestling: practice @ Portland 4:00pm

JV/V GBB: games @ Hillsboro (HEC) 6:00/7:30pm; lv @ 3:55

JH GBB: games @ Hillsboro (HEC) 4:00/5:00pm; lv @ 2:20

JV/V BBB: practice @ F-S 4:00pm

JH BBB: practice @ MPCG-PBJ 4:00pm


Wednesday, 1/11:

Wrestling: practice @ Portland 4:00pm  (No JH)

JV/V GBB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

JH GBB: no practice

JV/V BBB: practice @ F-S 6:00am

JH BBB: no practice


Thursday, 1/12:

Wrestling: practice @ Portland 4:00pm

JV/V GBB: games @ Thompson 6:00/7:30pm; lv @ TBA

JH GBB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

JV/V BBB: games @ F-S vs MR 6:00/7:30pm

JH BBB: one game @ F-S vs MR 4:30pm


Friday, 1/13:

Wrestling: practice @ Portland 4:00pm

JV/V GBB: games @ MPCG-HS vs Richland 6:00/7:00pm

JH GBB: short practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

JV/V BBB: practice @ MPCG-PBJ 4:00pm

JH BBB: practice @ F-S 4:00pm


Saturday, 1/14:

Wrestling: meet @ Carrington 9:00am; lv @ 6:00am

JV/V GBB: games @ Devils Lake-MPCG vs North Prairie 2:30; lv @ TBA

Patriot Pals: at MPCG-HS 9:00-11:00am




Breakfast & Lunch this week:

Tuesday: Banana Bread / Pulled Pork and Bean & Bacon Soup

Wednesday: Breakfast Burritos / Knoephla Hotdish

Thursday: Pancakes / French Dips

Friday: Cooks Choice / Biscuits & Turkey Gravy