Wednesday, September 14, 2022




LOST & FOUND (located outside of Mrs. Larson’s room): The box is starting to fill up!


Today’s Wisdom: "Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong." – Peter T. McIntyre



Announcements for Everyone

  • Patriot Homecoming t-shirt orders will be here tomorrow morning. HS Students-please check your lockers.

Announcements for Elementary:

Announcements for High School:

  • Save the Date for the Break Free Youth Summit in Bismarck on Oct. 3rd or Fargo, Oct. 4th. Let’s prevent the next generation from a lifelong addiction to nicotine. The Break Free Youth Summit is a full day event that brings youth and adults together to learn about advocacy and to hear from North Dakota legislators and creatively share messages with each other in a fun-filled environment. If you would like to attend, Steele County Public Health, through ND Department of Health and Tobacco Free North Dakota, will take care of the registration fees and transportation cost/mileage, if needed.  There's a link to learn more about the event here and on our school’s FB page: Deadline to register is Friday, Sept. 16th!
  • Homecoming Week:

Wednesday: Hillbilly Day; Volleyball (3rd pd.)

Thursday: Beach Day; Dodgeball (5th pd.)

Friday: Spirit Day-Grades K-12; Trivia (2nd pd.), Pep Rally--9-12 Athletes eat lunch early & leave by noon



Wednesday, 9/14:

JH FB: No practice

V FB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

JH VB: No practice

C/JV/V VB: No practice

CC: practice @ MPCG-HS 6:00am


Thursday, 9/15:

JH FB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

V FB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

JH VB: practice @ MPCG-PBJ 4:00pm

C/JV/V VB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00pm

CC: practice @ MPCG-HS 6:00am


Friday, 9/16:

JH FB: game @ MaSU vs H-N 5:00pm; leave @ TBA

V FB: game @ MaSU vs H-N 7:00pm; leave @ TBA

JH VB: practice @ MPCG-PBJ 4:00pm

C/JV/V VB: practice @ MPCG-HS 6:00am

CC: practice @ MPCG-HS 5:00am


Saturday, 9/17:

C VB: Jamboree @ Thompson 9:00am

V VB: Tourney @ VCHS 9:00am




Breakfast & Lunch this week:

Wednesday: Long Johns / Scalloped Potatoes & Ham and Rolls

Thursday: Biscuits & Gravy / Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Baked Beans

Friday: Breakfast Tornadoes / Alfredo Pasta with Garlic Sticks


Monday: Pop Tarts / Orange Chicken over Rice

Tuesday: Monkey Bread / Taco in a Bag

Wednesday: Egg Bake / BBQs & Baked Beans

Thursday: Oatmeal / Turkey Gravy over Biscuits

Friday: Yogurt & Fruit / Hoagies & Chips