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Today’s Quip: “Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.“– W. C. Fields


Announcements for Everyone:  

  • Congrats to everyone who made the 2022 Finley-Sharon HS Prom a great success! Students, you all looked wonderful!

Announcements for Elementary:



Announcements for High School:

  • Please turn in Dual credit forms to Ms. Larson by Friday, May 6th!

  • Wanted: The Steele County Press is seeking a student intern to write articles for the newspaper, weekly. The individual must have good communication skills, be self-motivated, and able to meet deadlines. The position would likely include 3-4 hours of work a week. This position is open for this coming June through the 2022-23 school year. For more information, stop by the school office, or call Jill Larson, editor, at 701-789-9468.





V BB game @ Tolna 4:30

CANCELLED-JH BB game @ Fargo North 4:30

V Track meet @ Wahpeton 3:00

JH Track meet @ GF-Cushman 3:15

Softball-practice @ Mayville 4:00



V BB game @ Jamestown vs Carrington 2:00

JH BB practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

JH/V Track practices @ MPCG-HS 4:00

V SB games @ MaSU vs Langdon 2:30; Grafton 4:30

JH SB game @ McVille 4:30; leave @ 2:30



Baseball-JH-no practice / V practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

JV/V Track: JH-no practice / V practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

Softball: JH-no practice / V practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00



V BB practice @ Portland 4:00

JH BB game @ MPCG-HS vs Thompson 4:30

V Track practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

JH Track meet @ GF-Cushman 3:15

V Softball game @ MPCG-HS vs Larimore 4:00

JH Softball-practice @ MPCG-HS/Arena 4:00



V BB practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

JH BB game @ Hillsboro 4:30

JH/V Track practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

V SB Tourney @ Fargo-N. Complex vs Glenburn 3:00

JH SB game @ MPCG-HS vs LEM 4:00



V BB games @ Grafton vs Grafton 12:30; vs Roseau 2:30

Track meet @ Carrington 11:00, leave @ 9:40

V SB Tourney @ Fargo-N. Complex vs Bottineau 10:00; vs Stanley 4:00

Breakfast & Lunch this week: Due to supply issues, our menu will be tentative. Check the Finley-Sharon School App for updates!

Monday: Donuts / BBQs & Baked Beans

Tuesday: Fruit & Yogurt / Ryot’s Choice: Pizza

Wednesday: Pop Tarts / Kinder’s Choice: Hot Dogs & Mac and Cheese

Thursday: Omelets / 3rd & 5th Grade Choice: Dunkers

Friday: Breakfast Pizza / 2nd Grade Choice: Bow Tie Alfredo Pasta