LOST & FOUND: Check the box outside of Mrs. Larson’s room.


Holiday Joke of the Day:  What do snowmen eat for breakfast?  Frosted flakes!


Announcements for Everyone:  

  • To get you into the holiday spirit, we have some dress days planned. This Friday is “Holiday Winter Hat Day!”


Announcements for Elementary:

  • This Saturday, Dec. 18th: Patriot Pals- 9:00-11:00am @ MPCG-HS


Announcements for High School:

  • High School students-7-12: The Steele County Food Pantry is requesting your help, as they are in need of cleaning supplies.  So, before next Tuesday, please bring a cleaning product and we’ll consider it your paid “admission” to attend the fun day planned in Grand Forks on Tues., Dec. 21st!  We will display your donations on the table in the lobby. Thank you!  (And don’t forget to turn in your permission forms by the end of the day on Monday!)

  • On Friday, the JH students, Dusty, Brooks, Drew, Xyler, & Drake will be singing at the Bravera Bank Holiday Open House.  They will leave around 1:35, performing at 1:45.




Thursday: 12/16

JH BBB: games @ Park River 4:00/5:00; leave @ 1:50

JV/V BBB: games @ Park River 6:00/7:30; leave @ 3:35

JH GBB: games @ MPCG-HS vs Northern Cass 4:00/5:00; leave @ 2:55

JV/V GBB: games @ MPCG-HS vs Northern Cass 6:00/7:30; leave @

Wrestling: V practice @ Portland 6:00am


Friday: 12/17

JH BBB: practice @ MPCG-PBJ 4:00

JV/V BBB: practice @ MPCG-HS 4:00

JH GBB: games @ Richland (Colfax) 4:30

JV/V GBB: games @ Richland (Colfax) 6:00-2 Quarters with V to follow (approx. 7:00)

Wrestling: practice @ Portland 4:00


Saturday: 12/18

Patriot Pals- 9:00-11:00am @ MPCG-HS

Wrestling: meet @ Grafton 10:00



Breakfast & Lunch this week: Due to supply issues, our menu will be tentative. Check the Finley-Sharon School App for updates!

Thursday: Waffles / Lasagna & Garlic Toast

Friday: Cinnamon Rolls / Corn Dogs & Fries


Monday: Oatmeal / Nacho Bar

Tuesday: Breakfast Pizza / Chicken Nuggets & French Fries