Finley-Sharon Students attend Region 3 Acalympics

Acalympics 2021--Five students from Finley-Sharon participated in the Region 3 Acalympics held at Central Valley School on March 12th. They were Jake Doll, Doug Geier, Beth Mehus, Jillian Larson,  & Drew Ostmo. There were 2 divisions of schools...11 large schools and 11 small schools, consisting of F-S, North Border-Pembina, North Border-Walhalla, Edmore, Lakota, Hope-Page, Midway, Central Valley, Valley-Edinburg, & Hatton.   The students were challenged on 5 categories...English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives, & Current Events.  The top 3 teams made it to the lightning round--Central Valley, Edmore, & North Border-Pembina, with Central Valley winning the event.  The Finley-Sharon students found it to be a fun experience!