Spartan Daily News 2/1/21

Happy birthday to: 

*Remember to wear your mask in the classrooms & hallways and on the buses. Thank you for doing your part to help keep everyone at F-S healthy & safe!

*Reminder—now through Feb. 28th, there is a One-Time Membership Special happening for the Wellness Center at the Finley Auditorium!  You may get a single membership for a year for $50.00 (for ages 12 & up) or $100.00 for a family membership for a year.  This is sponsored by the F-S First Lego League Team.  Anyone wishing to get a membership should contact Lori Mehus.


*It is Reading Month!  Reading Month activity calendars have been sent home.  Mark your calendar also for the Book Fair in the Library, Feb. 5th – 12th!  “Get in the Game & Read!”

Mon., Feb. 1st: Reading Month Kick-off Pep Rally in the Gym! Wear your favorite school appropriate t-shirt that has words on it, because without words, we wouldn’t have great stories to read!

Tues., Feb. 2nd: Spartan Trivia in the lobby & the “Tournament of Books” begins!  Two books will be read to students and students vote on their favorite.  Which one will prevail?!

Wed., Feb. 3rd: “Tournament of Books”—Round 2!

Thurs., Feb. 4th: It’s the 100th Day of School! The time machine has take you to the age of 100.  What will you look like?  Dress your part!

Fri., Feb. 5th: Reading is Super! Wear a shirt with your favorite sports team.  Who will win the Super Bowl? Take part in our poll in the lobby! This is also the first day of the Book Fair and “Tournament of Books”—Round 3!



Activities this Week:                                                                                                

Monday, Feb. 1:

JH BBB Practice in Page 4:00                                                                  

JV/Varsity BBB Practice in Finley 4:00                                       

JH/Varsity GBB game @ Hope vs MPCG 6:00/7:15; leave F-S @ 4:55


Tuesday, Feb. 2:

JH BBB @ Midway 4:30; leave F-S @ 2:35                                                     

JV/Varsity BBB @ Midway 6:00/7:30; leave F-S @ 3:55                                          

JH/Varsity GBB Practice in Finley 4:00


Wednesday, Feb. 3:

JH BBB Practice in Page 4:00                                                      

JV/Varsity BBB Practice in Finley 4:00                                       

JH/Varsity GBB Practice in Hope 4:00


Thursday, Feb 4:

JH BBB Practice in Page 4:00pm                                                            

JV/Varsity BBB Practice in Finley 4:00pm                                             

JH/Varsity GBB @ Hope vs H-N 6:00/7:15; leave F-S @ 4:55


Friday, Feb. 5:

JH BBB @ Hope vs Northern Cass 4:30; leave F-S @ 3:20                       

JV/Varsity BBB in Finley vs Carrington 6:00/7:30                                        

JH/Varsity GBB Practice in Page 4:00pm


Saturday Morning Elementary Basketball @ Hope—

1st-3rd Grade: 9:00am-10:00am

4th-6th Grade: 10:00am-11:00am



Breakfast / Lunch this Week:

Monday, 2/1: Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick / Soup & Sandwiches

Tuesday, 2/2: Breakfast Tornados / Hamburgers

Wednesday, 2/3: Donut Twists / Tacos in a Bag

Thursday, 2/4: Yogurt & Fruit / Turkey Gravy over Biscuits

Friday, 2/5: Monkey Bread / Hoagies