Calling all Finley-Sharon Alumni!

Where in the World Bulletin Board

     It is Homecoming 2020 at Finley-Sharon this week...a time to celebrate and a time to unite the past with the present!  Finley-Sharon is very proud of our alumni and all the ways you have made a difference in our world. 

     Our present students have ideas of careers they may want to pursue but yet, they may not be aware of all the possibilities beyond our school’s front door.  This is where we want your help.  We would love for our alumni to share their career path.  Please send us your name (include maiden names too), graduating year, where you live presently, and your career.  You may email your info. to, privately message us on Facebook, or send us a letter- Finley-Sharon School, Attn: Alumni Project, PO Box 448, Finley, ND 58230.

          We will follow our alumni’s career paths, posting it on a bulletin board by the office.  Our project will continue throughout the entire school year, so please encourage classmates, family, and friends to participate.  It is our goal to get 100 responses!  We want to get the word out, so please feel free to share our project on social media, send via email to relatives, or call a classmate to encourage them to participate.  Your involvement could make a huge difference in our students today. 

          We are so excited to hear from you!